Jahdai minerals inc.


We sell the following Gem-Stones and Rough Precious Stones in HIGH Q&Q: 1. Amethyst - also Ametrine and Citrine 2. Sapphire 3. Aquamarine - Blues and Greens 4. Tourmaline - Reds, Blues & Greens 5. Lead Ore (Galena) - ABOVE 50% GRADED 6. Zircon - All Colors 7. Topaz - The many colored Gem 8. Topaz - The many colored Gem 9. Emerald - Bright and Full of Sparkle 10.Ruby - Fiery Reds 11.Garnet - Fiery Red  12.Quartz- Rose, Smoky,  crystal of all types....

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Jahdai Minerals is a Solid Mineral Trading company. We are Dealers in all Precious stones, Semi-Precious Stones, and Industrial Ore Minerals.  

We are Local Miners and Traders of Minerals like Sapphire, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Tourmalines, Agates, Spinels, Diamond, Gold dust.

Also, Lead Ore, Copper Ore, Manganese, Kunzite, Limestone, Gypsum, Zinc Oxide, Tantalite, Zircon Sand, Talc, etc.

We trade both locally and on international platforms.

Jahdai Minerals is a Subsidiary of Jahdai Global Limited, A registered and regulated Company in Nigeria.

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Jahdai Minerals is a company involve in gemstones explorations in Nigeria and Across Africa.
Our number one goal is ensuring complete customer satisfaction on all orders as well as providing the best quality service as regards your gemstone needs. If you are a gem cutter, kindly contact us for your quality gemstone needs because we sell average and large parcels; We welcome buyers of bead grades gemstones as well as those good for carving and tumbling.
We are regularly Selling:

BERYLS: (Aquamarine,Emerald,Goshenite,Heliodor,Morganite)

CORUNDUM: (Ruby & Sapphire)

GARNETS: (Almadine,Demantoid,Spessartite)

QUARTZ: (Agate,Amethyst,Citrine,Smoky,Rutillated, Milky quartz)


TOURMALINE: (Elbaite,Rubelite,Verdelite)

Solid Minerals : Lead Ores, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Baryte Ore,Manganese Ore,Tin Ore,Zinc Ore, Antimony Ore, Zircon Sand, Lead  Ore,Rutile Ore / Illimilite Ore, Crystal Quartz, Tantalite.

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